Accelerate your Healthcare service model through our ground-breaking strategies and core analytics.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

You cannot fast-track health, but you can fast-track your Healthcare Service System.

Along with massive medical breakthroughs, the healthcare and life sciences industries have also seen pioneering concepts emerge in the deliverance of these breakthroughs to those in need in the simplest, fastest, and most cost-effective ways.

While key performance indicators or KPIs allow the fraternity to track results from these, the rate at which the industry is progressing translates into disruption at various backend levels. With too many points of data input, although there is the potential to do a lot more, companies get caught up in essential, but mechanical chores revolving around it.

However, we, at iBrain Technologies, work on helping you redefine the very core of how your organization functions by presenting you with data that has already been broken down to its last strand. You can now leverage the power of technology to create new products, service lines and strategies that align entirely with your goal and vision.

Focus areas

Mobile healthcare and wellness

Today, the world is witness to how much more value mobile-enabled solutions bring to the table when it comes to the health and wellness industry.

Apart from the indirect benefit of promoting paper-less services when possible, going ‘mobile’ allows you to:

  • Make health and wellness available to many at one go
  • Drastically reduce your response time by catering to the needs of multiple individuals at once
  • Access a combination of other cloud-based services to transform how every user interacts with your company, and you
  • Build your credibility through various information dispensing tools and services

AI in life science

The advent of Artificial Intelligence in the health and life science Industries has proven to be a bridge between humans and machines towards the betterment of mankind.

You can now arrive at conclusions by working on research, testing, interpretation, and analyzation much faster, and with more accuracy than ever before with Ai based applications. This helps:

  • Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies make extremely focused, tested, data-backed decisions ranging from product pricing to sales performance, and all the steps in between
  • Facilitate the working process when it comes to machine-based examinations like Histopathology analysis (the study of subjects under a microscope/with huge magnification)
  • Expedite the process of research and development of further advancements when it comes to medical treatment, procedures, and products
  • Drive sales on basis of complete transparency every step of the way with systematically maintained data and records for reference

IoT in Life Science

The Internet of Things is something that has touched every industry today and healthcare/life sciences is no different. A sophisticated IoT system can help churn real-time data fed across multiple platforms and devices to create customized experiences for both, doctors and patients alike.

You can adopt IoT-based solutions to:

  • Remotely respond to patients in emergencies or specific situations
  • Assimilate and conclude on research and testing in a faster, more systematic and hard core data-driven manner
  • Transform the working methodology within your company by using technology and technology-based applications to complete tasks more efficiently, and without the roadblocks of human error
  • Keep a track of the entire supply chain from manufacturing to the time it reaches the end user. This helps get a better understanding of the system at micro and macro levels and drive critical decision-making in the long run

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